How financially healthy are you? Take this self-test

Financial well being is just as important as physical well-being. If there is something wrong with our physical we listen to our body's signal. If we are not well, we consult a doctor for diagnosis and cure. But if there is something wrong with our finances, we are not aware of signals and we don't bother to get diagnosis. Either, we don't accept that there's a problem or we don't know of any money doctor whom you can trust.

As an initial diagnosis, feel free to take this personal finance self-test by clicking the link below:

Personal Finance Self-Test


A answers – 3 points

B answers – 2 points

C answers – 1 points

Your Score:

14-18 = You are doing great with your finances. Share your financial prowess to others.

9 -13   = You need to learn financial management strategies and put them into practices

9 and below = Discuss your financial concerns with a financial planner