Things My Family Should Know When I'm Gone

Death is a certainty. But, when and how, it’s uncertain. We do not know when our time is up. Only the Father in Heaven knows. Because of uncertainty, it is best to be ready at all times.

There is a growing market for memorial plans in the Philippines. It shows that most Filipinos are becoming comfortable talking about death possibilities. However, most do not prepare when it comes to their records.

I experienced scampering for documents after the death of my husband. I need to file an estate tax return with the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It was a hassle, digging from his drawers and stack of documents. There were many other documents I need to have. I did find them with much time and effort.

I heard a story about a COVID patient dictating to his spouse the passwords of his online accounts. That was over the phone since family members were not allowed to be with an admitted COVID patient.

These circumstances made me realize the need to organize important information. I resolved not to procrastinate anymore. I have done my version of “What My Family Should Know When I Die”. When I die, my children could find it easy to navigate my files.

I encourage you to make grieving easy for your loved ones. Organize your files now and get started. I am sharing a basic template in Excel format you can customize. Fill out the worksheets, integrate and convert to Microsoft Word or PDF format. Print the document and put a good cover. Put your “When I Die” file in a safe place known to your immediate family member. Include in your file copies vital documents such as civil registry records, land titles, insurance policies, and investment accounts Start organizing your “When I Die” file with this free template.